Extraordinary Map Shows the Literal Meanings of City Names.

A while back, we published a map that shows the literal meaning of every country's name and it was very informative and thought-provoking, and it stirred a lot of meaningful discussions. Today, we brought to you another map that is equally interesting. This map shows the meanings of the most famous cities around the world from all the six continents. The map was put together by On The Go Tours. We broke it down into continents so you can gaze at each one individually. Please if you don't see your city, add it in the comment section. Have a good read. Click on the images to enlarge. 


1. Africa

2. North America


3. South America

4. Europe


5. Asia

6. Oceania



  1. Please change the dots to where the cities are. Now they're placed randomly within the country

  2. Slovenia - Maribor is not even the capital.

    1. Many of these aren't the capitals. Los Angeles is not the capital of the US, Birmingham is not the capital of the UK, Sevilla is not the capital of Spain, tc.

  3. Please correct Pakistan’s map as it wrongly shows Kashmir as part of another country.

  4. New Zealand is Aotearoa not Tauranga (a city in the North Island. Aotearoa meaning Land of the Long White Cloud, referring time the snow-capped Southern Alps.


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