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Teaching is a marvel

Teaching is a marvel. I’ve always been told that, but I’ve never had the chance to live that marvel, to be in the shoes, and wear the profile, of a teacher. But I just did, I literally taught a class (though jointly with other co-teachers and with a nasty bunch of insanely annoying students). In this reflective narrative I will try to pen the particulars of how that went and the mixed feelings I was drowning in throughout that tiny experience. 
In matters of teaching and what counts, I’m always skeptical. To be honest, I don’t really know what’s the source of that skepticism. Maybe I don’t feel ready yet to assume that huge responsibility of being involved in shaping the future of a generation of so many students. Or maybe I don’t see myself as a person who is capable of managing a (real) classroom where coexist a melting-pot of different people with different mindsets. Or maybe teaching is well above my intellectual station. These skepticisms really had a negative impact on me, as i…