13 people share typos that put them in very embarrassing situations.

Never underestimate what a typo can do to you. Some typos pass under the radar sometimes, while others put you in a really bad place. We've asked our followers at The Language Nerds about some of the typos they made that had disastrous effects and their responses had been nothing short of hilarious. Let's have a look at them together. ——Adam I once invited about 40 professors and their students to join an “Online Boob Club”.(It was supposed to say “Online Book Club”)MartinaMy colleague sent an email to our VP "Kindly find blow job description." instead of "...Kindly find below job description." It was cc to our all department. FidanI once was writing a comment “awwwww” under a very cute family Christmas photo of a friend (husband, kids etc) and it autocorrected my “awww” as “asses”. The worst thing is that I only realized it when she replied to my comment.——LiefOutlook changed "best regards" to "best retards"PepeMy girlfriend sent me a p…

The Language You Speak Influences What You Look at, According to Study.

If you think that language is just a means of communication, then you are massively underestimating the role that language plays in our lives. We are somehow at the mercy of the languages we speak. They shape and influence our behavior through and through. ——In a recent study, it has been shown that the languages we speak influence our attention and direct our eye movements. For example, English speakers who hear the word candle often look at candy because the words share the same syllable onset. In the same vein, research has revealed that bilinguals look not only at words that share the same sounds in one language, but also at words that share sounds across the different languages they speak. For example, Russian-English bilinguals, when they come across the word marker, they tend to direct their eyes to a stamp, because the Rusian word for stamp is the similar-sounding word "marka." What is even more fascinating is that people who speak different languages differ in the p…

41 Jokes and Puns That Require A Little Bit Of Wit To Understand.

A dad joke is a short joke, typically a pun, presented as a one-liner or a question and answer, but not a narrative. What makes a dad joke great is the creative wordplay combined the one-liner, usually unexpected, response. Not all dad jokes are funny, though. Some of them are so lame they make you groan in derision. The best dad jokes are a guaranteed laugh. And if you're someone who is interested in words and languages, you will find great joy, fascination, and downright genius in the dad jokes we have combined here. Please add more in the comment section and let us know if you have a favorite.——1.2.3.——4.5.6.——7.8.9.——10.11.12.——13.14.15.——16.17.18.——19.20.21.——22.23.24.——

Funny and peculiar proverbs from different languages (Illustrated).

Proverbs say so much in so few words. How different cultures and languages use proverbs for certain meanings and situations is fascinating. To capture this fascination, artist James Chapman, a designer based in England, brought us a whole bunch of funny and peculiar proverb illustrations and their meanings from all around the world. ——1. James Chapman 2. James Chapman3.James Chapman——4. James Chapman5.James Chapman6.James Chapman——7.James Chapman8.James Chapman9.James Chapman——10.James Chapman11.James Chapman 12.James Chapman——13.James Chapman14.James Chapman15.James Chapman——16.James Chapman17.James Chapman18.James Chapman——19.James Chapman20.James Chapman21.James Chapman——22.James Chapman23.James Chapman24.James Chapman——