The 10 Oldest Languages That Are Still Spoken Today.

As of today, the world has  7111 languages  according to  Ethnologue . A staggering third of these languages are endangered and only spoken by very few people, 1000 speakers at best. what's even more serious is that more than  50% of the world's population is covered by 23 major languages . __ Top 10 most spoken languages, 2019. By  Ethnologue . Languages appeared about 100.000 years ago and have been evolving ever since. Languages are always in a state of flux; some die out and some branch out and give us more languages. Exceptionally, some languages have survived long periods of time and erosion and made it to the modern world. Here are 10 of the most ancient languages that are still spoken today: 1. Hebrew: Year:  10th century BCE. Country:  Israel. Number of speakers:  9 M.  2. Basque:  Year : Unknown. Country / region : Basque. Number of speakers:  ~750,000 people. 3. Arabic: Year:  1000 BCE.  Country:  Countries of the  Arab League .  Number of speakers:  310 M.  __

52 Words Redefined to Reflect Their Real Meanings.

Words carry a certain social weight to them and that's what dictionaries try to hide from us. Dictionaries give us literal meanings, dry most often, that can't capture the different ways people use words and what they intend when they use them in different contexts.  HipDict  is an Instagram account that humorously redefines words and adds the honesty component to them. We have compiled the most relevant ones down below and we hope they appeal to you. Please share your favorites in the comment section.   __ 1. HipDict 2. HipDict 3. HipDict 4. HipDict 5. HipDict 6. HipDict 7. HipDict __ 8. HipDict 9. HipDict 10. HipDict 11. HipDict 12. HipDict 13. HipDict 14. HipDict 15. HipDict 16. HipDict __ 17. HipDict 18. HipDict 19. HipDict 20. HipDict 21. HipDict 22. HipDict 23. HipDict 24. HipDict __ 25. HipDict 26. HipDict 27. HipDict 28. HipDict 29. HipDict 30. HipDict 31. HipDict 32. HipDict __ 33. HipDict 34. HipDict 35. HipDict 36. HipDict 37. HipDict 38. Hip