Artist Turns Kid’s Drawings Into Reality And The Results Are Hilariously Creepy.

Dad and photoshop master Tom Curtis documents kids' drawings in a very creative way by turning them into real-life versions. Tom started with his own children's drawings (Dom and Al), he later created an Instagram account called Things I Have Drawn where he shared these kinds of drawings. The account quickly gained publicity and now tops almost 900k followers. Tom receives dozens of requests weekly to be turned into reality. We have collected the most liked ones below. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think.  __ 1. thingsihavedrawn 2. thingsihavedrawn 3. thingsihavedrawn 4. thingsihavedrawn 5. thingsihavedrawn 6. thingsihavedrawn __ 7. thingsihavedrawn 8. thingsihavedrawn 9. thingsihavedrawn 10. thingsihavedrawn 11. thingsihavedrawn 12. thingsihavedrawn __ 13. thingsihavedrawn 14. thingsihavedrawn 15. thingsihavedrawn 16. thingsihavedrawn 17. thingsihavedrawn 18. thingsihavedrawn __ 19. thingsihavedrawn 20. thingsihavedrawn You've reache