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We at The Language Nerds, or the Nerds for short, are people who are passionate about topics in linguistics and language teaching, as well as some occasional fitness tips for those of you who identify as fitness nerds with a passion in languages. We do our best to:
  1. Create original content that stimulates interest and that answers to your language curiosities. 
  2. Provide sweet language learning hacks and tips that stem from educational research for those who are undertaking the tremendous job of learning a new language.
  3. Gather insanely useful fitness tips that will help you stay fit and in shape and prove that a language nerd isn’t necessarily a saggy nerd, but a shredded one. 
We really appreciate you dropping by. You are welcome anytime. If you think there is anything we can improve, kindly leave it in a comment.


  1. I wonder if "We really appreciate you dropping by." should read instead, "We really appreciate your dropping by." Just another grammar nerd...

  2. Please continue writing in this blog, its really nice to not feel alone in the linguistics world!

  3. Your website doesn't work very well. At least on my Samsung j7 Android phone. Every time I click on read more, nothing happens extremely difficult to navigate, and very disappointing because I want to read your articles they look very nerdily interesting.


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